10 April 2011

"Just Awards" or just deserts?

Last year, Blue Avocado and Nonprofit Online News kicked off the "Just Awards" in order to provide urgently needed recognition to two forms of folly: "Abominable Press Coverage of the Nonprofit Sector" and "Narcissism in Philanthropy."

They have just opened nominations for 2011's awards, raising (in my mind, at least) the question of how many years of public ridicule it will take to make any difference in the degree to which narcissism drives our sector, or in how journalists cover it. Perhaps the organizers and the judges of the Just Awards should ponder the Straight Dope's motto: "Fighting ignorance since 1973. (It's taking longer than we thought.)"

In fact, I think that Blue Avocado and Nonprofit Online News have an uphill battle ahead of them, especially in the department of personality disorders such as narcissism. Of course, I heartily applaud them for undertaking it with humor. In fact, I'd like to encourage this blog's readers to get on board, and propose a few awards of their own.

Here are a few that I'd like to see:
The Effort to Outcome Award, for the organization that does the best job of confusing motion with progress.

The Mushroom Award, for the nonprofit executive who attains the greatest success in keeping his employees in the dark and feeding them $#!+.

The Sad Sack Award, for the nonprofit professional who is deemed to be the most needy, ineffectual, self-absorbed person in the workplace.
I'd also like to see some awards for Lifetime Achievement in Denial, in categories such as technology adoption, acknowledement of failure, and addressing class as an issue in hiring practices.

And now, dear readers, I turn to you with an invitation: what sector-wide awards would you like to propose? Please post your ideas as comments.


Anonymous said...

The Broken Leg Award! It would go to nptech fanatics who believe that their chosen platform can solve any problem -- including broken legs, regional warfare, homelessness, breast cancer, climate change, and (of course) techno-phobia.

Anonymous said...

You've got it right about the "Mushroom Award"! What is it about nonprofit executives that makes them so impervious to the value of transparency?