30 July 2005

If you don't tell employees what's happening, they'll make stuff up.

It's probably natural for decision makers at nonprofit agencies to hold off from announcing things until everything is definite. Just the same, you should bear in mind that the staff is human.

If they don't know what is going to happen next, they'll speculate about it. They'll discuss their speculations endlessly, and some of their guesses will make the rounds in the form of alleged facts.

Not only will the rumor mill operate overtime in the absence of information, but the staff will also make the highly justifiable assumption that they aren't trusted with information and aren't considered worthy of being consulted.

This really sucks.

Lack of information tends to lead to feelings of powerlessness in relation to management. Feelings of powerlessness do not tend to increase a sense of loyalty, trust, or job satisfaction. And in a nonprofit agency, you're dead in the water if your employees don't have those three.

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Anonymous said...

Yes!! SOO true!! what ever happened to letting people have little bit or morale when they don't earn jack?!