06 March 2011

How to send an article from this blog anonymously to someone who needs to read it.

I gather that some of my faithful readers would like nothing better than to educate their insufferable colleagues by anonymously emailing them links to my articles.

Public service is my only goal, and even if it weren't, I can always sympathize with a passive-aggressive impulse. Therefore, I am pleased to present simple instructions for doing this.

  1. Go to my blog and choose the article that you want to email anonymously.

  2. Go to the bottom of the article, and click on the icon that looks like an envelope.

  3. Under Your Name, enter Anonymous Curmudgeon.

  4. Under Your Email Address, enter anonymous.curmudgeon@gmail.com.

  5. Under Friend's Email Address, enter the email address of your bĂȘte noire. (I'm sorry that I can't change the name of the field to BĂȘte Noire's Email Address - so you'll just have to tough it out, and pretend that, for message transmission purposes, the addressee is your friend.)

  6. Under Message, add any comments you have. This is optional.

  7. Under Word Verification, transcribe the word shown in odd-looking letters immediately above.

  8. Click on Send Email.

I have engineered it so that any replies will be automatically forwarded from the Anonymous Curmudgeon account to my own in-box. The entertainment that I will derive from these responses will more than compensate me for providing this much-needed public service.

You're welcome.

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