14 July 2006

What century is this, anyway?

This one comes through the grapevine.

A colleague reports a rant from the executive director of a small nonprofit organization. Something along the lines of...

I should not have to think about databases. This is the 21st century. My staff doesn't need to go to any database trainings. Donors should give us the money to hire an in-house technical person, and that person will handle it all for us.

Wrong. Right. Wrong. Right. Wrong.

  1. Sorry, but every executive director needs to make strategic decisions about databases. In order to do this in a non-random fashion, you need to use your #@$&*% brains.

  2. Score one for you - you know what time it is.

  3. This is not unlike saying that your staff doesn't need to know how to use a telephone.

  4. Yes, you should have have the money to hire an in-house technical person. And can you guess who your organization's chief fundraising officer is?

  5. See #3. Do you have one person in your nonprofit who picks up the phone and dials every time a staff member needs to make a call?

Yes, this is the 21st century. And there's a reason they call it the information age. When you've finished having your tantrum about what the world owes you and what you shouldn't have to think about, there will still be a gaping hole in your organization. Deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Database? Today I taught a coworker how to cut and paste text.

Please continue writing.

Anonymous said...

Rock ON Curmudgeon. The information age demands a new level of attention and interest in the world around us for all organizations, nonprofit and otherwise. While I understand the frustration of the old guard in getting up to speed, I applaud your smack down of stubborn self pity in the face of the brave new world. As far as I know that strategy has never been successful in accomplishing anything.