09 July 2006

On the internet nobody knows you're a social worker. Well, maybe they do, but at least they don't know your name and address.

After years of experience in the world of human services, it's easy for me to make a generalization: social workers of a certain age do not like computers or the internet. Many of them find it easy to believe that all that digital stuff is more trouble than it's worth.

I think I've found a way to make the case to them.

Check out this rant from Craigslist:

A social worker finally snaps

Inside every social worker is at least one great anonymous rant in waiting to get out. It's unprofessional to tear clients a new one, and of course it can jeopardize one's (low-paying, soul-destroying) employment to come right out and say certain things at the office.

Let's all show this one to our favorite embittered (and internet-despising) social workers. Let's offer to help them post their anonymous rants. Let's see what happens.


April said...

I know that's right.

Kungfujen said...

WHOA! That is some heavy-duty venting going on there ... with good reason.