30 July 2005

Technology costs money. (Round 1)

A question for executive directors: how much do you make a year?

I bet it's a lot less than you'd make in a for-profit business. But you get paid a salary, right? And you deserve every penny of it, right?


So now it's time to choke down the realization that if you're going to run a nonprofit agency, you need a certain amount of computing power. This costs money. You need to create line items in your annual budget for technology products and services.

When I say services, that includes people. You need to pay real money to real people.

You need to pay people what they're worth. You get paid a salary, and you deserve every penny of it, remember? Well, please keep that in mind when you go looking for technical support.


cupamo said...

Totally, dude. This post is a perfect example of why I love blogs. You can find SOMEONE who has said exactly what you have not found the right words to say. I spent 3 years working for a non-profit where the level technology and was pretty much akin to having to get up of the couch and turn the dial on the television to change the channels. Then we got grant money for NEW EVERYTHING and it took them a year to spend it. I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

I have spent years working in a nonprofit with people who aren't willing to pony up on buying suitable equipment for their employees. They hem and haw over budget restrictions but do not even budget for their technology resources. Then they rant about their systems malfunctioning when its obviously because the technology involved is outdated. They curse the IT staff (meaning me, of course) because its not working. What's a techie supposed to do?