22 June 2006

A new blog: Rorschach test for nonprofit management gurus?

Check out this new blog: Today I Cried - Thoughts On Nonprofit Information Technology.

The anonymous writer has apparently just taken a new job as "the sole technology person at a downtown Manhattan non-profit," and is documenting his or her experiences. (Call me sexist, but I'm leaning toward the assumption that a blog titled "Today I Cried" is written by a woman.)

My guess is that this blog will turn into a Rorschach test for anyone who aspires to be a nonprofit management or strategic technology pundit.

When you read about her first day on the job, what do you find yourself thinking?

  • This organization is a perfect example of everything that is ineffectual and annoying about the nonprofit sector.
  • There's hope here, because at least the organization recognizes the need to do something.
  • This technology manager must have been a glutton for punishment, to take the job.

My theory is that our responses will say more about us than what's going on there. There just isn't enough information to assess the situation. But that won't stop me, or other readers, from seeing this anonymous IT manager's experiences at an unnamed nonprofit as confirmation of all our gut feelings about the state of the sector.

1 comment:

IT Manager said...

I guess the words cry and social work do allude to the feminine side. But as I said in Friday's post, crying also means screaming and I do plan on encompassing every sense of the word.

I've learned that I must empathize with the non-profit employee. They are on a different psychological plane from the corporate-types. I've realized that working with them to accomplish any results requires more than distanced policy-making. Hence the social work angle.

I feel my gender is irrelevant. And, man, I must be a glutton for punishment to go through this again!

Thanks for the post!