21 May 2006

Cross-functional teams? Oh, please.

My eyes usually glaze over when I hear nonprofit professionals invoke management buzz words.

Cross-functional teams? Oh, please.

And yet. And yet.

I have some friends who work for a nonprofit organization that has a slew of cross-functional teams. My friends are always running off to meetings to foster the organization's diversity, or integrate operations across departmental lines, or promote knowledge sharing.

It just so happens that this is an extremely effective organization. I can't figure out how they have time to do anything but prepare for and attend meetings. But the notion is beginning to intrude on my consciousness that every so often there's some merit in espousing a management fad, especially if it's really well implemented.

Cross-functional teams, well-planned and well-executed? Yes, please!


Michael Stein said...

Curmudgeon - you're back!
nice to see you again! But you are sounding so incurmudgeonly!

NonprofitCurmudgeon said...

Well, sometimes I like to catch a nonprofit organization doing something right. It's only the curmudgeonly thing to do, since it highlights the vast majority of nonprofits that are getting it wrong.