23 March 2007

My name is Nonprofit Curmudgeon, and I am an anonymous coward.

Anonymity sucks.

That's the official finding of Tom Belford of the Agitator. He's a guy that I respect deeply, and he's taken exception to anonymous blogs about charities, among other things.

I have my reasons for blogging anonymously, but if I explained them, I wouldn't be anonymous anymore, and...well, I have my reasons for blogging anonymously.

So, if you decide to go on reading my blog, please heed Belford's denunciation:
And please don't say that nobody ever warned you about what a bad, bad lot I am.


Anonymous said...

Hey Curmudgeon love the blog. Unlike you I am willing to put my name out there (just joking).

I am President of Mission Movers a consulting firm from the US that is producing a capacity building report for foundations and nonprofits. We just finished the initial draft of this capacity building report. I believe it has some ground-breaking ideas in it. It also challenges some core assumptions in the field today. I know you are very busy but because of your excellent work with nonprofits we are looking for feedback from you on the document and any case studies you may have that connect with any of the ideas. The base report is only 30 pages with a few extras. This document is still in draft format and we are looking for feedback and need your help in this matter. We are very hopeful that this document will provide a new framework for working with nonprofits. Discussion on the document is going on at www.nonprofitrules.wetapint.com The pdf for download of this document can be found at: http://nonprofitrules.com/Newrulescapacity1.pdf and is also attached. My email for contact is curtis at nonprofitrules.com

I would love to talk sometime. I think you would have some great stories for this report. It needs a few more stories (cases)

Many thanks in advance.....

Katinka Hesselink - spiritual resources said...

Some theosophists have thought that Anonymity is in fact very good for the soul: it means that the sense of personal pride isn't fed by admiring people.

Not sure that's true, but just thought I'd balance out the negative feedback you've been given about anonymity.

In my book work done well is work done well, regardless of it being anonymous.

Qui said...

I miss your diatribes - come back!

Erika-Nicole said...

been thinking about blogging anonymously

Anonymous said...

glad you're back who ever you are

Anonymous said...

hey everybody

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to start some good conversations!


Thanks again!