01 August 2005

Letterhead stationery, tech support, and other necessities of life.

I don't know if this is true everywhere, but our town is full of young idealists.

They have great tech skills, and they're dying to get jobs in the nonprofit sector, so that they can "make a difference."

But they can't find those jobs, so they go work for corporations.

Why can't they get hired? It's not like nonprofit agencies don't need tech support.

It's that the nonprofit managers can't find the money in the budget to pay them.

I realize that tech support might cost you as much or more than letterhead stationery, the executive director's secretary, manilla folders, the electricity bill, and publishing the annual report - but you manage to find the money for all of those things, don't you? After all, you just can't do business without letterhead stationery, could you?

Well, you just can't do business without adequate tech support. Deal with it.

Otherwise, all the young idealists will be absorbed by the corporate sector, and when you get around to realizing that you desperately need tech support, your only option will be to hire people who are older, more cynical, and more expensive.

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